Discovering the World

Embarking on a voyage or cruise, whether for business or pleasure, can offer a change of scene and break away from the stresses of everyday life.


As well as year-round trips on regular lines, shipping companies offered a wide range of cruises, especially during vacation periods or for various religious holidays. All tastes were catered for, including cruises to the Caribbean or North African sun; discovering past civilizations at ancient sites in the Mediterranean and Far East; pilgrimages to holy places; or even excursions far north for those looking for adventure or something completely different!

Ports Around the World

Whether arriving at the biggest ports in the United States or Europe with marine terminals offering many services and a  multitude of stores; or disembarking from more modest ports with a smaller capacity, the arrival of a ship always generated a flurry of activity. Tug-boats and launches came to meet the vessel guided by a pilot; docking pilots prepared to moor the ship; stevedores waited to load or unload goods at the pier; steam trains readied to depart and coaches were rented for the scheduled tour…

New York

No passenger can fail to be impressed when arriving at the mythical Port of New York. This mighty modern city, epitomized by gigantic skyscrapers, was a symbol of hope for emigrants arriving at Ellis Island in search of a better life. Transat built its largest and most majestic ships for the famous French Line, the prestigious and crucial line that departed from Le Havre. Paris, île-de-France, Normandie and France (1962) received a warm and triumphant welcome from New York City during their maiden voyage and were the embodiment of luxury and French art de vivre. Docked at a specially reserved pier, the vessels of the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique inevitably drew a crowd of spectators to admire these masterpieces of French expertise.


Once at their destination, either for a stopover or long vacation, passengers left to discover new cultures and traditions—from lively North African souks to the serene English countryside; to the canals of Leningrad and the ruins at Pompeii; while also exploring the jewels of Islamic architecture and sites throughout Indochina and India—the possibilities were endless and the time was never long enough to satisfy the thirst and curiosity for culture.

Société des Voyages et Hôtels Nord-Africains

In order to diversify its activities, the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique created the Société des Voyages et Hôtels Nord-Africain (North African Hotel and Travel Company) to offer sightseeing tours throughout Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and the Sahara.  This offer included the sea crossing from France, transport by coach or car, as well as stops at various Hôtels Transatlantique in order to have lunch or to spend the night. Passengers found menus offering top-quality French dining at these hotels, as well as every comfort in the on-board cabins following a long day of excursion under the blistering sun.